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halogenated organic compounds - hydrocarbons compounds containing one or more atoms of a halogen, i.e. fluorine, chlorine, bromine or iodine · Halogenowane związki organiczne hammermill - a high speed machine in which waste is disintegrated into smaller pieces by fixed or swinging metal hammers · Młyn młotkowy haul distance - the distance over which wastes or landfill material must be transported · Odległość wywozu hazard - a situation which creates risk or harm · Zagrożenie hazardous biological waste - hazardous waste of biological origin of such a character that it should be handled with great care on public health grounds · Niebezpieczne odpady biologiczne hazardous pollutants - a hazardous pollutant is one to which even slight exposures may cause serious illness or death · Zanieczyszczenia niebezpieczne hazardous waste management - the control and management of the storage, separation, collection, transportation, processing, treatment, recovery, and disposal of hazardous waste · Gospodarka odpadami niebezpiecznymi heat balance - the balance between all forms of heat input and output · Bilans cieplny heat treatment waste - waste originating from the treatment of ferrous engineering components to produce surface hardening by immersion i molten salts, which frequently contain cyanide salts · Odpad z obróbki termicznej heavy fraction - a term commonly used in waste separation processes, particularly mechanical processes, to denote a density distinction between separated particles; metals, glass, stones, ceramics are usually included in the Heavy Fraction stream · Frakcja ciężka heavy metals - A term for those ferrous and non-ferrous metals having a density greater than about 4 which possess properties which may be hazardous in the environment · Metale ciężkie herbicide - a substance or mixture of substances that destroys plant life · Herbicyd horizontal discharge - a method of discharging the load from a vehicle so that the floor of the vehicle body remains in horizontal position · Wyładunek poziomy humus - collective term for dark-coloured carbonaceous substances in soil generated through slow decomposition of organic substances by the contributory activity of micro-organisms · Humus humus sludge - sludge deposited in final or secondary settling tanks following trickling filters or contact beds · Osad humusowy hydraulic conductivity - the ratio of the rate of flow in m3/day to unit hydraulic gradient through a unit cross-sectional area (m2) for a specified liqui(...)

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